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$34 Million in equipment and revenue given to 750 schools nationwide


-Jon Zwitt- Center Grove HS, IN

Jon-Zwitt-210x300“I didn’t have to lift one finger during the entire project. Three scorer’s tables and countless advertisers later, it has blossomed into a profitable endeavor for both parties. They started it, they finished it. I could not give them a higher recommendation.”

-Charlie Karazsia- Linton Stockton HS, IN

“We have had our scoring table for 5 years and it still looks great. We receive compliments on it all the time. The revenue we receive is outstanding and if we ever have a problem with the table Side Effects is right there to fix it. All the raves I heard about the company are true.”

-Clint Raucher- Cambridge Springs HS, PA

 “We are a small community and they were able to secure ads and provide us a fantastic table. They were professional, efficient, and provided us renewable revenue. Great experience!”

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