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$40 Million+ in equipment and revenue given to 750 schools nationwide

-Jon Zwitt- Center Grove HS, IN
Jon-Zwitt-210x300“I didn’t have to lift one finger during the entire project. Three scorer’s tables and countless advertisers later, it has blossomed into a profitable endeavor for both parties. They started it, they finished it. I could not give them a higher recommendation.”
-Charlie Karazsia- Linton Stockton HS, IN
“We have had our scoring table for 5 years and it still looks great. We receive compliments on it all the time. The revenue we receive is outstanding and if we ever have a problem with the table Side Effects is right there to fix it. All the raves I heard about the company are true.”
-Clint Raucher- Cambridge Springs HS, PA
 “We are a small community and they were able to secure ads and provide us a fantastic table. They were professional, efficient, and provided us renewable revenue. Great experience!”

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Providing cutting-edge technology and cash for free


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Open for Business (Remotely)

Open for Business (Remotely)

Side Effects’ mission is to develop and nourish relationships within communities while making a difference, serving Christ, and positively affecting people’s lives. We are still operating, though most of us are working remotely. Let us know how we can be praying for you and serve you in this time by clicking here! We’re regularly praying for our schools, sponsors, vendors, communities, country, and world. This will pass, and we look forward to helping your communities thrive both now and into the future!

Youth Football Hype

Youth Football Hype

Youth football is getting some serious love from Side Effects recently, including this $16k scoreboard that the Fairfield Youth Football Association got for free through Side Effects sponsorships! What can we help you get for free?

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